Holocaust Memorial

What Is Holocaust Memorial Day?

In 2001 the British Government designated 27 January each year as an annual remembrance day for victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides. In 2002, members of Northwood United Synagogue and The Ark Synagogue (then called the Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue) joined to create a programme of events for local school students in which they listened to the testimony of a Holocaust survivor and participated in complementary workshops.

In 2020, this joint organisation metamorphosed into a fully-fledged charity, Holocaust Learning UK. With the onset of the pandemic lockdown, Holocaust Learning UK began to create educational films based on survivor testimony.

Holocaust Learning UK now offers a unique array of 4 films, tailor-made for secondary students and provided free of charge to schools and colleges throughout the UK and beyond. The films include hitherto unseen survivor testimony, archive historical footage, and a cast of student actors to foster an understanding of the Holocaust, both its historical importance and its contemporary relevance.

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This year our holocaust memorial event on 29 January was The Fragility of Freedom

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