Life Events


There’s nothing more special than the beginning of a new Jewish life. From supporting new mothers and their families to arranging brit milah, Northwood shul community and its rabbinic team are here for you!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

A bar or bat mitzvah or coming of age to perform mitzvot is a joyous and important milestone in every Jewish person’s journey…. The United Synagogue provides useful guidance


There is no greater happiness or mitzvah than the coming together of a Jewish couple and Northwood Community and Rabbinic team are here to help you and your families navigate the many choices


Bereavement is never easy for the family and friends of the deceased but Jewish burial traditions and the ‘shiva’ bring us together with others in the community which can really help us to cope. What to do…..

Please make sure you update your Jahrzeits on My US or ask the shul office to help. If you have not heard from us before the shabbat preceding your Jahrzeit please check with the wardens who will ensure the appropriate Askara is made during the reading of the Torah. Men and Women are welcome to recite kaddish on shabbat and at our weekday minyanim.

It is not obligatory but customary to make a small donation as a mitzvah to mark a loved one’s Jahrzeit.

How can we help?

The Shul Office should be the first port of call….they can help you arrange a burial, a kiddush, announcements…

The Rabbinic team can help guide you on questions of Jewish practice and law – shiva, brit milah, mikveh etc…

The wardens can help with a minyan for kaddish, call-ups, prayers for the sick & memorials, barmitzvah tutors…

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