Keeping seats warm for Ziv and Gali

NUS adopts hostages Ziv and Gali Berman

On 7 October 2023 we were all witness to the barbaric terror attacks perpetrated by Hamas against Israel, and witnessed many of our brothers and sisters being dragged to Gaza as hostages.

The Board of Deputies has asked  that all synagogues be a voice on behalf of the remaining hostages, to keep them in the public’s consciousness, and to help #bringthemhomenow.The NUS Council unanimously approved to adopt two hostages proposed by the Board of Deputies. The hostages our shul has adopted are twins Ziv and Gali Berman, 26.  Our task is to make their voices heard and share their story on social media, at public events and anywhere else appropriate to support this worthy cause.

seats reserved in shul for Zvi and Gali

Rabbi Green has also agreed to name Ziv and Gali in our general prayer to all hostages every Shabbat. In addition, two seats have been reserved in our Shul in order to keep them foremost in our minds, until their safe release along with all the other hostages.

As you can appreciate this is a most difficult time for their family and they might not have the emotional capacity to speak or respond to all communities. The Board of Deputies has suggested that if you wish to email the Berman family with expressions of support and solidarity, please send your email to Kim Cohen, NUS BoD Deputy, who will forward this to the Board of Deputies along with your email address, in the eventuality the Berman family wish to respond directly to you.

The NUS community will be promoting our adopted hostages on our Shul website and NU magazine. Please feel free to suggest ways we can promote the plight of Ziv and Gali Berman”

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