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The United Synagogue is the largest synagogue movement in Europe. Founded in 1870 today it consists of over 60 local communities supported by a central office. The Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, Chief Rabbi Mirvis, is the spiritual head of our communities.  The US Head Office can be contacted on 0208 343 8989

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Our Rabbi & the Council


Introducing Rabbi Aharon Zerbib and Rebbetzen Yehudit Zerbib 

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Zerbib were appointed to lead the synagogue on 1st December 2015.  Rabbi Zerbib joined us from his previous position as Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria. As the leader of a community of less than 3,000 Jews, he was involved in a diverse range of activities from conducting religious services, to meeting with politicians and Ambassadors, organising Bar and Bat Mitzvah teaching and being the resident shochet as well as organising the Sofia Jewish Expo in 2013 and trying to narrow the gap between secular and religious life and to connect Jews spiritually with their heritage.

Rabbi Zerbib grew up in Israel and France and his prior experience includes time with Amiel, a teaching programme in Israel and the Diaspora and as Assistant Rabbi at the Vienna Synagogue in Tel Aviv. He has an amazing pedigree for the role being the 11th generation of Rabbi's in his family ! 
His wife, Yehudit, grew up in Israel but has American roots and has wide experience of organising community events and education with a particular focus on Women and Youth and in Bulgaria set up and ran Benenu, a very successful programme introducing young people to victims of the Holocaust. to both learn and help them with their needs.  They have three young boys and a young daughter.

As Rabbi Zerbib says, "growing up the son of a Rabbi, I was awed and excited by my father's service as a community Rabbi in Europe. I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to enhancing and inspiring Jewish people worldwide. I am very excited about my role at Northwood and I shall try to be a beacon of light to all, regardless of sex, race or background. My aim is to create a Community with strong moral values and high goals for generosity and kindness. Together we will seek to follow the path that Hashem has shown us, whist we each grow as individuals".

The Synagogue Council

The Synagogue Council is elected each year at the Synagogue AGM. The Council is headed by the Honorary Officers (Chairman, Financial Representative & Wardens). The Wardens also oversee our religious activities and the smooth operation of our daily and weekly services as well as liaison with the Rabbi to ensure that the synagogue operates within the halacha and minhag of the United Synagogue.

The Council meets every month to review progress and ensure future planning of all the synagogue religious, financial, educational, welfare and social activities and we always welcome input, agenda points or contributions from members.

Council 2022-2023

Chair:                          Alan Moss  
Vice Chair:                 Aviva Wilford
Warden:                      David Cohen

Financial Rep:            Yvonne Allardice 

Women's Officer:       Jenny Cohen 

Administrator:            The amazing Estelle Talberg

Council Members:  

Kim Cohen (also Board of Deputies Representative), Stephen Cohen, Brian Geminder, Lester Wagman, Carolyn Joels, Ingrid Segal

Shammas: Robert Goldstein